League of Legends Events and Tournaments

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The LoL activities and tournaments are held separately in every part of the world, not in one place. LoL players organize different events in their own countries. Some of them are organized by fans of the game, and some of them are official organizations. We can divide them into two groups:

  • Fan-Made Events: There are quite a number of such organizations. Fans of the game come together for various reasons and organize a wide range of activities. This can be an official event too, especially when a new hero is added to the game.
  • Official Tourney: These can be organized as an online match or as an esport encounter. It is possible to participate in an online tourney from all over the world. Although, only outstanding teams can participate in esport matches.

League of Legends Events

Some examples of fan-made and official events:

  • Moments and Memories: In this annual activity, the most competitive matches of the year are being watched and interpreted again.
  • The Challenger: The winners of certain achievements in the game are rewarded with real prizes. For example, in 2017 real rings and belts were distributed for some achievements.

It is possible to evaluate small-scale actions such as streams within this category too.

League of Legends Tournaments

Here are some examples of LoL tourneys:

  • Rift Rivals: This tournament is held online every year. The best teams in each country are fighting among themselves.
  • Morning League: This tourney, which is unique to European teams, continues throughout the year.

It is possible to reach many tourneys directly from within the game. Almost every community, small or large, can arrange their own private leagues and tournaments. Officially organized tourneys, as is known, is handing out millions of dollars of prizes.

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