League of Legends Best Players

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Every month, 11.5 million people play League of Legends. The game has a huge base, but some are better than others as they are in every competitive game. Competitive rankings are one of the features that LoL has. Each newcomer starts at the bottom. As you win matches and achieve various achievements, your rank increases. Rank is important because your opponents are determined accordingly. In other words, League of Legends ranked players only match with other professionals — your rank determines who your opponent is.

League of Legends Top Ranked Players List

If we show it as a table:

Nickname Real Name Position Team
Faker Sang Hyeok Lee Mid SK Telecom T1
Imp Seung Bin Gu AD Carry LGD Gaming
Kakao Byung Kwon Lee Jungle Invictus Gaming
Godv Zhen Wei Mid LGD Gaming
Rookie Eui Jin Song Mid Invictus Gaming
PYL Chen Bo Support LGD Gaming
Deft Hyuk Kyu Kim AD Carry Edward Gaming
Yellow Star Bora Kim Support Fnatic
Clear Love Ming Kai Jungle Edward Gaming
Pawn Won Seok Heo Mid Edward Gaming

League of Legends Top Players

A few years back, League of Legends players were from all over the world. There wasn’t a major nationality or certain race that would fill up the spots of the rankings.
Back then, the best League of Legends players were from Europe – and perhaps represented by Fnatic – and some were from the USA, with Team Solo Mid as one of the popular teams.

Still, as the world of eSports and professional gaming has evolved so much, some countries have decided to take full advantage of this. Therefore, nowadays, the League of Legends player ranking is composed mostly of Asian players, and the top is taken entirely by them. If we show it as a table:
Notice that the entire list is made up of Asians. This is normal because eSport, tournaments, and streams are a way of life in these countries.

How to Evaluate the List?

When we look at the LoL pro players, we take into account everything that they do and that the other LoL players can’t. Most of us have seen what Faker can do in a match, and even during a championship.

Thus, when we have compiled the list of the top LoL players, we have considered their skills and accomplishments above anything else. This league table has an interesting feature: Now, SK Telecom T1 has only one member on the list. Edward and Invictus are getting more shares. This is because the list has been prepared by personal accomplishments. But LoL is a team game, and for that reason, you need to consider team achievements, not personal achievements.

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