League of Legend Matches Predictions

Once the two teams that are going to fight are announced, the LoL predictions begin. Here, everyone watching will give their best arguments and reasons why a certain team is going to win.

Still, making League of Legends predictions can be difficult – if not impossible sometimes. You can’t know how the two teams will interact with each other, or what mistakes could the players do.

You might think that the LoL worlds predictions represent a game of chance – but it’s not entirely true. If you analyze each team accordingly and come up with the strategy you think they are going to use in that specific match, then you can get the best out of your LoL bet predictions.

We provide you with the odds for every match that’s going to be played, and all you have to do is bring the “suitcase” labeled “LoL Worlds Predictions” that you have probably prepared since you found out the competing teams. Then, you can just pick what you think it’s the safest prediction to bet on!

Events, Tournaments, and the Championship

Of course, there are not only LoL world predictions – there are predictions for every match that’s being played in an official event or tournament. So, you don’t have to worry. We’ve got plenty of useful details for all the games you are interested in.

On LoLbetz.com, we give you the information and the odds for every match – you come with the predictions and if you’re right, the prize is yours! So, what are you waiting for? Get your predictions ready and start placing those winning bets!