League of Legends Best Teams

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League of Legends pro teams can be seen all over the world and almost in every country. However, as you will see below, some players are more successful than others in this game. We will give you a general idea about LoL bets and list the top 10 LoL rankings.

World Ranking of LoL Teams

Looking at all the League of Legends teams may show you some impressive squads. Still, none of the LoL teams you see in your Game Client can be compared to the professional League squads that take the bull by the horns and play in the League of Legends Championship.

Of course, you might not be there on the stage with them for the time being, but you can take advantage of what they are doing and start placing some bets. If you decide to do so, you’ll have to know a lot about the League of Legends team ranking, so you’ll know to bet on the group that’s most likely to win.

You should know that the Republic of Korea players are the most noteworthy. In fact, in the Far East, eSports varieties are more common. In the same way, stream and tournament organizations are being done more in these countries as well. To give you an idea, you can see the top 10 LoL professional teams list below:

As you can see, the Far East countries have a serious advantage in this. eSports is seen as a way of life there and many people make money through different organizations. Ranked teams of League of Legends are seen as athletes there, not only because of the training schedule they have to respect, but also because of the fame they bring back to the country. In almost all top LoL teams a Korean group is seen standing in the first place. That’s nothing to be amazed by as these players can dominate their opponents in every single match they get to play.

However, the 2018 edition of the League of Legends Championship eSports event has squads from all over the world. While World Elite is quickly climbing the ranking system, there’s also the European Unicorns of Love and H2K Gaming – so you’ll have no problem in finding your favorite group of players and placing your bet.

Which LoL Teams Are Best to Bet On?

It is not wrong to choose Far Eastern countries for placing LoL bets. As we mentioned above, almost all professional squads are from one of these countries. Among all of them, Koreans seem to be the best bet. Taiwan and China squads come next. This, of course, also affects the betting odds. If you bet on SL Telecom T1 as a safe option, you will see that the odds are quite low. For this reason, we recommend that you consider T. Solomid. The risk level is higher, but the odds are satisfactory. If you like to take risks, you can also place a bet on the World Elite squad. They have been rising rapidly in recent times and the odds are much higher.

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